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Why you should join in the movement.

The Howard County Board of Education has called for redistricting to occur in Howard County to become effective in the ‘20-’21 school year. Full details of the process can be found at https://www.hcpss.org/school-planning/boundary-review/. The Feasibility Study in June recommended splitting the neighborhood of Pointers Run in three different options sending neighbors on the same streets to different schools within our community. Superintendent Martirano's proposed plan includes a different set of moves that would send our entire neighborhood to Swansfield Elementary, the 4th closest elementary school to our neighborhood. We don’t like either option.

Who is Pointers United?

We are the Pointers Run neighbors between Grace Drive / Quiet Night Ride and Trotter Road / Summer Sunrise who oppose the Feasibility Study options and Martirano’s proposal. This neighborhood is made up of 4 “polygons” that are used to assign attendance areas by the BOE. We are polygons 64, 1064, 129, and 1129. There are roads that connect each of these polygons with next door neighbors on the same street but in different polygons. Our desire is to persuade the BOE to consider these 4 polygons one unbreakable neighborhood during the redistricting process and keep us in our community schools.

Pointers United Ground Rules:

  1. We will be respectful of each other.
  2. We will be respectful of the process, the BOE, the Superintendent, and the County.
  3. We value diversity of Howard County and our schools.
  4. Our neighborhood is comprised of polygons 64, 1064, 129, and 1129 and we will advocate to keep our neighborhood together in community schools (Pointers Run Elementary or Clarksville Elementary) as defined by Policy 6010.
  5. We will propose solutions to the overcrowding issues and to improve educational equity in the county without wholesale redistricting across the county. We will advocate for policies that bring communities together and keep communities together in neighborhood schools.
  6. We will work with other residents in the county that both oppose the Superintendent’s redistricting plan and respect the process.
  7. As a group, we will not advocate to specifically move another (populated) neighborhood out of PRES.

What are we fighting for?

We see the importance of keeping students in their community schools without dividing that community in arbitrary and damaging ways. We need to urge the board to keep our neighborhood together at either of our neighborhood schools, Pointers Run or Clarksville Elementary.

When do you need to get involved?

We need to act now! The redistricting process is in full swing. The BOE will make their final decision on November 21st. Between now and then there will be 3 public forum feedback sessions, and several BOE meetings to discuss the options, and anyone can write to the BOE to offer their feedback on this entire process.

Board Public Hearing dates:

Board Work Session dates:

How should you get involved and stay up to date?

Sample Letters to Board of Education

Use these samples as a starting point for written testimony to the Board of Education. This is the single most important thing you can do! The more input from our neighborhood, the more the board is likely to consider our situation closely.

Click to download sample letters:

How to submit testimony using the sample letters:
  1. Download .docx file
  2. Customize with your full name and polygon number (find using the school locator)
  3. Save or print to PDF (optional but a good idea to ensure BOE can open)
  4. Attach PDF to an e-mail to redistricting@hcpss.org. Be sure to attach the letter to the email; if you just put the text of the letter in the body of the email, your entire e-mail and e-mail address will become part of the public record.


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